Where am I?

I've lost my way out here and don't know what direction to take. When I left Austin the idea was that I would come out here and be in school full-time until I was good enough to get a job in videogames. But whats happened since I got here? I've made good progress in my studies but haven't produced enough work to get a job and I'm not at the level yet to work in a game studio.

I never knew what part of games I wanted to work in either. Concept art, character design, environment...what else is there - I don't know. This semester I had the choice to take a storyboarding class, but is that what I want to do? I have no idea...I could like or hate it, is storyboarding even useful in games?

I probably need to take some studio tours and see how the art departments come together.

Anyway, my immediate concerns are getting my finances straight. I need a part time job or I need to figure out if there's any way that I can get funding to go back to school. How is Art Center so expensive!?! I could get into AC and come out pretty damn good but I would also get out with 90k in debt! How does this make sense!? Art school should not be a life burden.

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