Intro to Entertainment Week 13

An entire semester has gone by without me posting but tonight was inspiring and I had to get some thoughts out. In class we went over storyboards and got a visit from Hong Ly who has taught most of my teachers here including Eric.

Hong briefly talked about Intrinsic motivation - and when you get serious about something you are compelled to do that thing and are always thinking about it. I know that I need to push myself more, but on the other hand I also feel that my love for drawing is growing and so its less about motivation now. Hong was saying that when someone is intrinsically motivated their work output skyrockets. Can't wait for me to get faster.

Its too bad that its the end of the semester now because I want the assignments to keep coming. I feel that art is consuming me.

Also when doing a technical illustration use illustrator fool! This easy assignment quickly turned into a nightmare with edits.

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