First day of internship

Awesome day. So tired. Two days of little sleep for class assignment and then getting up early for first day of internship. Such a commute - around an hour and a half maybe. Boom Studios is the place, super cool, good people. One of the guys I work with apparently knows Janelle Monae which is weird. I don't think I get star struck but hearing that some guy I work with is best friends with a pop star stole my voice. He's going to the Grammy's with her??

Anyway, the internship seems ok. I'm not sure how relevant the experience is going to be but at least I should be able to put stuff in my portfolio. Design: retouching artwork that isn't mine...

There are good things about design, its relevant at times I guess. The thing that irks me now is that I could be spending this time drawing, or working to get paid (so that I can draw more). I'm going to need to keep telling myself that this is a good insight into this business.

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